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Posted by on May 18, 2018

[Set 2 (Phone Entries) Start]

Time Logs (24 hour):

(Copied from source)


So I was knocked out by something. I can’t imagine Alice doing it, but there’s no other explanation. If it were the terrorists, or whoever is attacking, I think I wouldn’t be still healthy in a very safe cage I can open at any time I like.


Okay, I don’t have enough power to flashlight around using my phone. Thankfully, there’s a backup battery with adapters for conventional devices. I’m just going to try and save power on my phone for now, but at least I have something to charge it.


Right. I’ve been refraining from it, but I just have to write these things down. The sounds of gunfire were brief, but the stomping around lasted for hours. I can’t imagine a lot of soldiers filling the city, so they must know this lab has interesting things. I thought they’d have found me already, but it looks like the false wall I used to make fun of is paying off. Maybe the NAC saw this coming.

Either way, I need to think of a plan. I don’t think there’s enough supplies in here to stay more than a week. And I’ll be starving by then. Bottled water and a few packaged snacks will only last so long. Funny how reliant we’ve been on the food printers and water recycling fountains, only to lose it all when the power is out.

I might just starve in the age of infinite food.


I forgot about having to use the restroom. Goddamnit, Alice.

I can’t decide if I want to deal with my own piss and shit, or if I’d rather make a break for the restroom upstairs.

Future Notes:

In case I forget again, I looked up and wrote down what I know now but didn’t know when I made these entries years ago:

The attack warning arrived via text from W. Bett. @ 1411

Alice knocked me out a few minutes past 1530

The storage vault would take days to forcibly crack via “hacking”, maybe only half an hour or less if via some mechanical device

The attackers were a funded terrorist group attacking on behalf of other countries (not known at the time; debatable knowing exactly which to this day)

Alice later described her actions as mistakes; also later described her reasons for extreme delays in returning (she returned back with friends from some bizarre “other planet” called “Andoa”)


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