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Posted by on May 20, 2018

Time Logs (24 hour):

(Copied from source)


My sleep is ruined.

I don’t know if I want to try and sleep again, or if I’ll just sleep when I’m tired enough.


I’m going to make a bed out of some foam and a pillow out of a few of the food rations. Then, I’m going to sleep. Even if it takes hours.


This bed sucks.


Right. Goodnight. Sweet dreams, me.


Listening to music didn’t help. Listening to books didn’t help.

Normally, they did the trick.

A part of me doesn’t want to sleep with headphones in. Probably the part of me that wants a chance at living.


I heard a gun fire. It woke me up. Only one shot, though. There hadn’t been any sounds of gunfire in quite a while.

I’m kind of glad I gave up on music. I almost forgot why I’m down here.


I can’t stay asleep any longer. I need a plan.


Okay, so here’s what I’m thinking.

If I leave the vault, I can’t lock myself in. The door will close and soft-lock, but it can be opened by pulling on the handle. The locking console won’t let me set a timer or anything like that. Also, if the main power is out, I’m not sure the console will be on the backup generator for the building.

Therefore, I can only leave once.

However, it seems the elevator entrance hasn’t been found. Or, it’s not functional. If it’s down, I might be able to sneak my way out.

The next issue will be the gas. I assume it’s safe enough to go outside, but I have no way of knowing until I leave here and I can get a connection again.

I have no way to know if the attackers are right above me, still. If they are, they aren’t stomping around anymore. But that could just mean they’re not moving, or there’s only one or two of them.

I really don’t know.

I think I’m scared.


One more day. I’ll wait just one more day.

Then I’m opening the door.

I must know what’s going on outside.

If Alice locked me in here to help me, she didn’t think it through properly. I’m completely at the mercy of my environment while waiting for help in here. But what if she can’t come back. What if there is no help?

What if something happened to her?



Eating more of the nasty food was actually not so bad this time. Maybe I’m too distracted.


I really hope she’s okay. She’s so stubborn! I hope she didn’t get herself caught. Or killed…


It’s my fault she ran off. It’s my fault I’m stuck down here.

It’s my fault if she was taken. It’s my fault if she was killed.

I shouldn’t have argued. I never argue with her. It’s never worth it. She’s not often wrong, and it doesn’t matter in the end when she is wrong. Arguing with her gave her the idea to split up.

Was I wrong? I think we should have stayed down here. Even if we couldn’t, we should have stayed together.

But she didn’t want to listen. She didn’t even want me to come with her. She told me it was statistically better to split up. But she didn’t factor in using two minds in one place to stay safe together.

I should have exercised with her every morning. I should have spoken up more often. Then she wouldn’t have the reason that I can’t keep up with her in a clean suit. Then she wouldn’t feel like she’s always right.

It’s my laziness. It’s because I take the path of least resistance.

If she’s dead, it’ll be because I couldn’t stop her. I listened to her. I believed her quick lie. I turned my back to open the vault. I let her knock me out with one of the self-defense stun-guns we kept stored down here.


I finished eating my pack of yuck. It was slightly tastier from the small amount of salt that fell into it.

Maybe there’s some salt and pepper stashed in one of the last few boxes I haven’t opened, yet.


I’m not done searching through all the boxes. I’ve sorted about half of the boxes, but I haven’t shuffled the things inside much.

I think I’m going to take a nap. I feel so drained.


I want another hour. I didn’t sleep well.


Okay. Two snoozes later. I can’t sleep a whole night now, but I really needed to rest again. I think this should do.

Maybe it’ll help. I might try and sneak out tonight, a little past midnight. That might be the best time.

There’s nothing to make a decent gas mask out of, so I’m just going to tie a hand-towel I found around my face. I think I am supposed to wet it, but that means I’ll lose some of my water.

I guess I have to.


I guess I’m lucky. I found some paint supplies. There were face masks! It’s not a gas mask, but it’s probably better than a loose cloth.


Do you think a paint roller can do decent damage? Maybe I should bring a bit of spare metal, instead. But those things hurt to grip…robot parts weren’t meant to be swung around, I guess.


I think I’ll focus on getting reception with my phone. Hopefully, the NS network is still up.

Just one more hour. I’m going to wait until 1. Even if I won’t go any further, I must open the door and find out if there’s any updates in the news.

Future Notes:

Alice later explained that she panicked, causing her to lie to me and agree to stay together in the vault with just a soft lock. She said she didn’t want to lose me. She said she would have rather died if I could live. If this were the only thing she did to me, I’d have forgiven her. But it was just the start.


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