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Posted by on February 1, 2019

Time Logs (24 hour):

(Copied from source)


I’ve spent the last several hours going through what I have access to and what I can do with any of it. I didn’t think so much time could pass so quickly, but I feel so close to giving up entirely that I can’t stop trying anymore.

I’m one long break away from curling up and crying.


The lights outside my vault just turned back on. That means the elevator should work again.

There had to have been a backup generator keeping air flowing and the vault’s outlets on. I wonder if they installed outlets like that to keep a backup server running when in case the power ever went out? Not that we kept anything hooked up down here…


If anyone tries to come down that elevator, I’m going to either attack them or try and hide.

What am I supposed to do if there’s more than one?


What if Alice comes back and I try to attack her? Can I somehow see who it is first and still have enough time to stop someone I don’t know? How can I know it’s an ally or not when I don’t know for sure who might be trying to help and who might be coming to kill me?

Dammit Alice! You didn’t think enough about the situation you’ve put me into!


So here’s the plan:

I’ve charged the other stun-guns. I’m pretty sure one is missing…Alice has that one. Anyway, they’re pretty much good for one shot at range and then you have to hook it back up to the printer adapter to refuel the hooks. But knowing how long these things have been around, I wouldn’t be surprised if they misfire. I’m going to keep one in short-range mode like a knife and the other two as ranged options. I’m currently trying to fashion a belt to hold them all.

Meanwhile, I’ve moved a few heavy things like the shelves and some boxes in front of the elevator exit as a temporary barrier. I tried to keep boxes full of small, sharp things with me in the vault in case they use some sort of explosive to blast away my makeshift wall.

I’m also thinking about making a spear out of some of these metal scraps here in the vault. Nothing looks very sword-like, and I can’t really lift any of the larger pieces like a shield. And anyway, I don’t think I can stop bullets. The best I can do is have a spear or two and a few knife-shaped things. What did they call makeshift knives? Snakes? That’s got to be wrong…


Working with metal kinda sucks. I don’t know how Alice does it.


And there it happened. Cut my left palm. Dammit all.

Thank goodness I organized all this stored stuff down here. I did sorta bleed a few drops down my jeans and also onto a box that on-top of the other box under another box where the bandages were. And there’s not a weird bloody half-hand mark where I lifted. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any diseases so oh well, it’s not going to hurt anyone anyway.



I’ve been sitting here, ready to jump at anything or anyone that comes through those doors. I think these stun-guns are supposed to work on most drones, though those things would probably be shielded or dodge the ranged charges. Hopefully the small space will make it easier to land a hit.

But yeah, this is just stupid. It’s mind-numbing. I’ve run out of things to do and now I’m just waiting to die in a blaze of glory (in my head; not likely to happen in reality).

So yeah.

Fuck you, Alice.

You better come back and also say something as the doors open before I zap you.

Unless you really did zap me on Tuesday. Then you can get zapped back.

Fair is fair.


New bag time.


I was really hungry but I almost threw up while I was changing bags.

It took almost an hour to recover my hunger.

Future Notes:

@ 1500 or so I ended up falling asleep

I’ve since deleted the video to save space and data noise, but it was very uneventful. I was looking at something on my phone until I passed out along the same wall as the elevator doors, tucked into the corner.

Sometime after, my phone lost charge. I believe it was a habit of mine to watch different recent presentations from other researchers from Seattle. If I had to guess, it was probably around the time I was looking into the “old’ Organic Engineering “Systems,” or (OED). They were going on about how we should continue research in older growing methods while continuing the use of printers. At the time, I found it a bit trite but it was still interesting to watch them show off their ideas. I’ve since warmed up to their presented and conceptual prototypes, developing some of the hydroponic and aquaponic farming methods further. My current favorite crop is probably beets. I still wouldn’t recommend growing produce for entire nations, but it’s a nice commodity to have…

I’m still surprised that I didn’t wake when Alice and her new friends from Andoa showed up and eventually got past my crappy blockade just past @ 2000. My insomnia aside, I think it was the earphones that muffled the sounds. That and, apparently, they didn’t think to call out my name for some dumb reason. I mean, the vault door wasn’t even fully closed. It wasn’t -that- dark that they couldn’t tell, surely.

Either way, I didn’t get to stab or shock anyone. Not for quite a while, at least. You never can live life without at least one good scuffle. I’ve been in quite a few at this point, but I was lucky to avoid them back then. I’d have lost immediately.

@ 2002: Video showing the whole exchange with Alice is here


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