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Posted by on February 3, 2019

File: “FuckYouAliceWhereTheFuckAreYou”

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It’s Alice’s Birthday today…

Future Notes:

This was the first day I decided to write a journal since the first few I did on my phone when I was stuck in the storage vault. It was also the first day I stopped keeping myself busy and just wandered around town. The snow was unusually deep and still fresh despite days of it being around. I remember looking behind me and seeing paths of footprints all belonging to me. I believe that’s what made me realize just how alone I was.

At the time, there were still hundreds of residents still in the city. Most had been evacuated by the NAC. I’m not sure if I wanted to go with Alice when she offered the chance months ago, but I know I was too angry with her lack of reason to admit that I didn’t want her to go again.

This log continues over several days because I didn’t bother marking each entry with which day I wrote. I later added dates, and much later on I began to just create new files for each day I decided to write something. I wasn’t exactly planning to write as much as I eventually did, after all. The dates for the next few entries are assumed from the file creation date, final modification date, and guesswork for anything in between.


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