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I’m pretty sure I can’t draw but

Posted by on July 2, 2020

oh well

This is the first thing I’ve drawn in ages, going from left to right. In case you don’t know, they’re characters from my current project, an SF/Fantasy novel called Dead End (you can read that here:

37 (Ekky) is my favorite here by far. 38 looks terrible, but not as bad as 49 or Ceric (Ce). Ekky is not proportioned correctly, but the others are about their current size when compared to the human Ceric in size

And here, we have 38, which I drew next. btw, her name is the Andrian words “20 and 18,” or “pilq u holq”

She is basically a hovering fan with her magic reservoir housing the shaft for her spinning blades. Oh, but she doesn’t even really need the blades to hover–they’re more there to help her stabilize and move safely while the stored spell (along with her personality) does all the heavy lifting. Her voice is also magically generated from the inner section of her shape, so it always sounds like someone talking into a fan.

And this is Ekky. His name is from the words for “3” and 7″

He once asked for a light to see better in the dark, so his master made a slot for a small tube that holds a light spell with the same electricity adapter that all the constructs use to recharge themselves. It’s run out of charge before, so now, Ekky is far more careful and tries to avoid overusing it. Ekky is about as tall as a human like Ceric, but only when his legs are completely straight (which they usually aren’t)

who knows, maybe I’ll start drawing regularly. I blame my dad for telling me to do this

In other news, Dead End’s next chapter is nearly out on Wattpad! Perhaps I’ll draw the rest of the constructs and get better at drawing by the time Dead End is finished and out . . .

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