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Let’s talk about stuff! #1

Posted by on July 12, 2020

Let’s talk (Week 1): Horrible Drawings!

“Cover for my novel”

Have you ever had to draw something? Have you ever thought about creating a world, or a scene, or just wanted to visualize a person, only to find that you have negative skill in drawing?

I feel that way!

Anyway, feel free to comment anything, but especially about being made to draw when you had no will or skill ^_^

“Map made in Paint”
“Dead End characters”
“WTF is this?
“It’s not even accurate to the description in the book . . .”

You’re all lucky I can’t find my worst ones . . . they’re trapped in my dead PC, for now. A curse upon opening that tomb, but it’ll probably just be me that’ll get it. And since I can’t draw, I think the curse will probably fail to make me any worse!

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